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How long will it take to clean my home’s air duct system? Why should I have it cleaned? Read on to know more about air ducts. Get answers to your questions. Learn how to keep ducts clean at all times, how to reduce bills and shield your health.

How can I minimize the need for cleaning?

Generally, cleaning is required every three to five years. This timeframe will depend on the particular aspects of your home including the size of your HVAC system and frequency of use. Replacing air duct filters regularly and ensuring your system is free from damage or leaks can minimize this need. It is also a good idea to vacuum your home regularly to remove excess dust and debris, preventing it from being pulled into the ducts.

Is cleaning effective to reduce allergy symptoms?

There have been a great number of studies which have focused on the beneficial effects of air duct cleaning including relief from allergy symptoms. Air Duct Cleaning Highland Park experts say that cleaning your air ducts will remove any debris or mold from inside your vents. This will immediately improve the air quality and prevent harmful particles from being circulated around your home. Many experts believe that this will ease certain medical conditions such as respiratory conditions and symptoms of allergies.

Why do my energy bills keep rising?

You definitely lose energy and must check the air ducts. The specialists at Air Duct Cleaning Highland Park would suggest opening the ducts carefully with a screwdriver and checking the parts one by one for possible cracks and other damages. It will be best to do air duct seal repair and perhaps install new installation materials. You need to make sure there are no gaps, which misdirect air and that they are all sealed properly.

Will my allergies improve if the air ducts are cleaned?

There’s a good chance that cleaner air ducts would help improve pulmonary conditions. Because air ducts are responsible for the air’s circulation, cleaning them would mean that the air that goes around is clean as well. Allergies are commonly triggered by dust, dirt, and spores.

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